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Dundee Western Grouping

Message to congregations

The following message was read out and handed out in church on Sunday 31st March, it has also been sent to everyone on our mailing list. Our next newsletter will be issued for Sunday 14th April.

Message to congregations

As you may know, we have been working towards a Presbytery Mission Plan, bringing together the six congregations in the Western part of Dundee. These are Lochee, Camperdown, Menzieshill, Balgay, Dundee West and Logie & St John’s (Cross).

Five working groups were established to enable the work of moving forward, whilst ensuring that the good work already taking place is not lost in this transition. The working groups are, Governance, Mission and Vision, pastoral care, spirituality and worship, and discipleship.

The Governance Group are now in the process of drafting a Basis of Union document, which will ultimately bring the congregations together into a united charge.

This group wanted to share this reminder and update with all congregations.

On Saturday 2nd March there was a very positive meeting of all the Kirk Sessions with Presbytery representatives.

There are many aspects of the proposed union which are still being discussed. The only things which are decided are those which were in the Presbytery Mission Plan document – the closure and sale of the Camperdown and Balgay buildings, and the fact that the buildings at Lochee and Menzieshill would remain open.

There will be a third place for Mission, Ministry and Worship in the Sinderins area – survey work is underway at Dundee West and Logie & St John’s (Cross) to help the process of coming to a decision. Can we stress that currently nothing has been decided about the future of either of these buildings.

Also currently under discussion, and not decided are:

  • A name for the new Congregation – buildings may retain their current names, but the union needs a new name.
  • The staffing team – ministers and lay staff.
  • The full list of buildings – churches and manses.
  • A timeline for voting on the Basis of Union – which comprises a vote by each Kirk Session, followed by a vote by congregations.
  • The planned date on which this would take effect.

In summary, we are all working more closely together, there are many things still to be decided and work is underway to address these.

We will share further updates with you when we have them – in the meantime, please speak to your minister or Session Clerk if you have any questions.

Rev Bob Mallinson
On behalf of the Western grouping Governance Group