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Bereavement: Spaces for Listening

Monthly on Mondays

The pain of bereavement and loss never leaves, we simply learn to live with a loved ones absence. The scar may fade, however the scar is still there.

A mum or dad, a spouse or partner, a son or daughter, a friend, someone who made a difference to our lives!

Whatever the relationship, sometimes we need space to talk. To talk about the person, to share our memories, to tell our stories; to share how we continue to live with the reality of their death; to be honest about how much we miss them and how we are coping or perhaps not coping.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like a safe space to talk openly with others, then please join our Spaces For Listening Bereavement Group.

This will be led by Grant, and will take place once a month on Mondays (2nd May, 6th June, 4th July) at 2pm- 3:30pm in the Vestry, a downstairs room at church.

You are welcome to come to each of these sessions or just one. We’d like to keep the numbers small, so please email Grant to let him know you are coming

You may also want to share with other family members or friends that this is taking place, if you think it might be helpful for them.