Question of the week

Your answers will help build our online service of worship

Questions are better than answers, and you are experts of life because you are in life. Your answers will help me to prepare your online service of worship for 7th February.

I’d be delighted to receive your answer, the earlier the better, if you can. 

Question of the week (answer only one, or both):
a. what, in your experience, can lead someone to find Jesus?
b. what, to you personally, makes Jesus so special?

Your answer can come: 

  • in any format (written, spoken, picture, drawing, video … via phone, email, recording audio or video) – as short as one or two sentences ideally
  • anonymously or with your first name to it (please say if you are okay with your first name public on YouTube)

Please send directly to Rev Marc Prowe  
01382 561523  or 07845 694441 [text or WhatsApp]