Christian Aid Week

Please make your Christian Aid donation online this year

Each year, Christian Aid Week brings together tens of thousands of committed volunteers across Britain and Ireland to raise millions of pounds in support of people living in poverty, injustice and inequality across the world.

Now, more so than ever, Christian Aid Week provides an important opportunity to celebrate and share the life-saving work that brings hope to people the world over.

In 2019 Christian Aid Week raised over £7.5m through a combination of church collections, house-to-house, delivery-only fundraising and events such as Big Brekkies.

This year, many Christian Aid supporters will have already dedicated a significant amount of their time and energy planning these initiatives.

Not surprisingly, the coronavirus situation has meant that much of this usual fundraising cannot go ahead for Christian Aid Week 2020 (10-16 May).

If you can afford it, please make your Christian Aid donation online this year –