Worship for Sunday 7/3/2021

Breaking new ground

Introductory Music


Rev Marc Prowe leads our service today. He welcomes us, we sing “In a byre near Bethlehem” to a familiar tune, and our prayers are led by John Dent.

With the young

Marc explains how following Jesus needs committment. John Dent reads from Luke 9, 22-27. We sing “God has made laughter”, and we see more images of times good and hard.

Working on into hardship

We sing “When we are tempted to deny your Son”, and Marc presents a summary of Luke 9 46-55, with imagined dialogue between the disciples and Jesus -“no Jesus no”.

Be ready

We hear from Luke 9 57-62 and Psalm 141 6-10, read by Frances and John Dent. Marc reminds us to be ready.

Breaking new ground

Marc brings our service to a close, and we sing “Will you come and follow me”, and “When we are living”, and we pray together.

Closing music

Played by Bill Mclean on our church organ.


With thanks to Rev Marc Prowe, Frances and John Dent, Ed Muirhead, Bill Mclean, Hazel Bengough, and all our other contributors.

Please join us for Zoom coffee after today’s service.