Worship for Sunday 14/2/2021

God is love


Rev Catriona Morrison leads our service of worship this morning.

Follow along with the videos below – these have subtitles/captions available (using the CC option or under the three dots).

Introduction and welcome

Rev Catriona Morrison introduces our service on the theme of “Love”, we sing together, ‘Praise, I will praise you Lord’, and we open our worship in prayer.

With the young

Catriona uses maths to illustrate God’s love, and we sing the chorus ‘God’s love is for everybody’

Reading and images of love

Caroline Turnbull reads 1 Corinthians 13 1-13 and our images of love are shown with the music from the Heart & Soul swing band.


The first part of sermon and we sing together ‘How great the Father’s love for us’.

The second part of our sermon, and we sing ‘Just as I am’.


Fiona Low leads us in prayer, and the final hymn is “We sing a love”, then Catriona gives the blessing.


With thanks to Rev Catriona Morrison, the Mathieson family, Fiona Low, Ed Muirhead and Joel Hewett, University of Dundee.

Please join us for Zoom coffee after today’s service.