Wednesday at GA 2015

Published May 20, 2015 by John Dent

Ministries  Council were the  first to   report  today.  We  heard  about  recent  innovations for the objective of building the  church and  recruiting 30 new  ministers per  year for the  next  10   years in the  Decade of  Ministry.  These  are, “Pioneer Ministries” in   new  areas, “Fresh Expressions” of  what  church  life  could be  like, “Going  for  growth”  and  “Go for it” which  will  fund  congregations initiatives.

The  Social Care  Council   reported on the  extensive  work of CrossReach which,  quite  simply, is “doing wonderful things in the  name  of  Christ for the  needy and  disadvantaged”.

Finally  the  Church of Scotland  Guild raised a  staggering £802,065.44 for the  church  in the  last   year which was shared between the Ministry and  Mission  fund of the  church;  Congregational funds; work of the  church including  projects; and  additional  charity work outwith the  church.