Wednesday in Edinburgh

Published May 21, 2014 by John Dent

Today was the  debate on the reports from the theological forum and the legal questions  committee on same  -sex  marriage and   ordination.

The  first sought to answer the question “Can you have a mixed economy re  this  issue?”  ie, is  there an  interpretation of  scripture  in the  present day which says this is  OK, and  can  be  placed alongside the  traditional  interpretation which  says  it  isn’t?  The  answer  was  equivocal.

The second  report centred on  last  year’s  compromise motion which said that  the  church  stood  by  scripture  but  would  allow  Kirk  Sessions to  do otherwise  if  they  wished.  This  was  set  against a  very  sound and  well-delivered  counter -motion   from Rev  Jerry Middleton which  clearly  gave the   Biblical  position and   the requirement of  obedience.  This  counter motion was  defeated 369 to 189.  A  defeat  for the  “traditionalists” but  fortunately there was  not a more  liberal  motion being  put  forward to fend off as  well.

What  does  this  mean?  This  means that the  original  motion   from  last  year  will now  come  down to individual  presbyteries to  debate and  vote on   by the  end of  the  year before the  answers  can  come back to  next  year’s  GA for  ratification.

What  do we  do in the  Cof S?  We  continue to live and  witness in the  place  where God  has   placed  us.  We pray with confidence for God’s  will to be  done and  His  kingdom to come and we  rejoice in the  good  news of  eternal  life  which  we can  offer  to all who   we  meet and  work with in church  and  elsewhere.