Thursday in Edinburgh

Published May 22, 2014 by John Dent

2014-05-17 07.56.13Thursday – and it  was  Chaplains’ day at the  Assembly.  Big  turn out of  chaplains from each of the  armed  forces with  some  accompanying top brass!

Detailed report of  the  extent and  dangers of their work in some of the  worst  conflict  areas around the  world but  also of their  support  to  families etc  still at  home.  Serious evidence of  Christ’s love in  action endorsed  warmly by the Moderator from his  own family’s  experience 3 years ago.

Church and  society  report this  PM  with  extensive  documentation of a  wide  range of  worthy  causes which the  Church is  able  to take  action in or exert an influence on.  The  channels for active  Christian influence are  present and  open for those evangelicals engaged with these areas to permeate.

Lunch with Peter McEleny with  time to talk  about  how  we can provided student  support  as  a church.

NB  Students’  church  crawl  will come to us on Sunday 14th  Sept in the  morning.  I  said  we’d  do a  student  lunch.  Was  that  rash!!

Able to network more this  evening.  More  detailed  news on CofS  website and their  Twitter page.