Saturday at GA

Published May 17, 2014 by John Dent

14 hours at the General Assembly today!!!

Time  flies when  you are enjoying  yourself!

The  day  started with the  Election of the  new  Moderator, John Chalmers and a  welcome to Prince Edward the  High Commissioner.  Both  spoke  well and with real  feeling  about a  vision for the  national and international work of the  CofS especially in relation to the  relief of suffering and poverty – – often within our own  communities.

Elaine Duncan  for Scottish Bible  Society  spoke esp about  the  secular / spiritual divide.  (She has  3/4 million Penny Gospels to give out at the Commonwealth Games) and the  challenge to be  real salt and real  light in our world.

The  report of the  Panel on Review and  Reform brought views on how to reach the  whole of  Scotland with the   Gospel in different  ways individual  churches  could  choose.  A “call to  prayer” being  fundamental.

The  Council of  Assembly who visited  us  recently about  our contribution to our M&M allocation, re-iterated  their  desire to  help congregations financially and pastorally.  It  was  good  to have the  opportunity to thank them for their  visit and support publicly – – my  maiden speech!

An evangelical message and raison d’etre was apparent  in many  speeches both from Commissioners and  the   Conveyors of  councils giving  reports.

Somewhere there was a brief  lunch and  the late afternoon and evening  were taken up with  a service in which the retiring  Moderator Lorna Hood reviewed her experiences visiting key areas  where the  church is  actively at  work both at  home and  abroad.

An interesting and eye-opening  day!  Met  several people from Presbytery and elsewhere.