Monday at the GA

Published May 19, 2014 by John Dent

Another early start for the day starting  with  Holy Communion for 600+ commissioners plus visitors.  40 Servers/ helpers – -glad  not to  drop anything in the  process!

Report of the  Ministries  Committee took up most of the  day.  Key  resolutions were   ambitious proposals to train significantly   more ministers and lay participants over a  shorter period of time  than  usual.  New resources for  training to be  explored.

Lunch with the COSEN group and  met Session Clerk from Stornoway who’s   church  featured  heavily in the  press  today  as  c.200 of  congregation left.  Situation very  like  ours.  Able to talk together  over  lunch and  be  as  helpful and  supportive as possible.

Evening (extra) meeting on the Emerging Church, mission-shaped ministry  – – “Fresh  expressions” of  worship.  Looking  for  new  approaches to  outreach  is  certainly a topic  we need to  hear more of.