Blythswood Boxes

Each year, as Christmas approaches, we join with other Christians, and Churches, as we participate in a Shoe Box Appeal.

It’s easy to put some basic items together; it’s not difficult to choose gifts for someone who has so little. Things we take for granted can often be luxuries for people living in desperate poverty.

Boxes will go to Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine this year.

If you’d like to be involved, please fill a standard size shoe box (box and lid covered separately) at home and bring it to Church by early November. Or you can donate individual items from the list – soap, warm hat/gloves/scarf, shampoo, etc, for children, teens or adults.

The content lists are available at the Church doors, or you can download them from the Blythswood website.

For further info. watch Blythswood’s video.

And if you want some helping wrapping a shoebox – watch our “how to” video below.

Thank you!

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