The Guild

Whose we are and Whom we serve

Our congregation’s branch of the Church of Scotland Guild is open to all to attend our meetings and to join as members.  The stated aim of the Guild is to encourage us to commit our lives to Jesus Christ, and to enable us to express our faith in worship, prayer and action.

Our theme this year is “Go In Joy”.

Programme 2016-2017, meetings 2-4pm

14th September Concert by “A Choired Taste”
28th September The General Assembly with John Dent
12th October  Keeping Fit with Maureen Hayes
26th October Africa Inland Mission with Ruth Mahood
9th November Guild Boxes with Rev David Gray
23rd November Financial Meeting
14th December Christmas Lunch at Inchture Hotel
11th January Being Lord Provost with Dr John Letford
25th January Tam O’ Shanter
8th February Malawi Fruits “Bring Me Sunshine”
22nd February Dundee Women’s Trail with Mary Henderson
8th March Mission International with Iain Craig (CLC Books)
23nd March AGM


Coffee Morning

Saturday 11th March

Presbytery Council Meetings

St Andrew’s Church, Glasite Hall, Kings Street, 19th October 2016 & 8th February 2017. AGM Weds 22nd March 2017.

Please also note the World Day of Prayer – 3rd March 2017 – 7pm at Dundee West Church


Contact Us

To contact the Guild, email